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Protect Yourself and Your Reputation with Quality
By: GYoung | Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 4:37 pm in Brake Maintenance, Brakes, Preventive Maintenance, Tech Tips

Protect Yourself and Your Reputation with Quality

Mighty’s New System XL® and TecSelect® Brake Pads

Brake system services are vital to the safe operation of vehicles on the road. Whether you are a shop performing brakes services or having brake service performed on your car, make certain you protect your reputation for quality work and safety by using only top quality parts. The last thing you or your customers want is unnecessary shop comebacks due to the use of inferior parts. Mighty’s new System XL and TecSelect brake pads provide quiet, proven performance.
But what makes our brakes top quality parts?

Positive Mold Process

A positive mold press directs heat and pressure to each mold cavity separately to ensure consistent compressibility when forming the brake pad. This process is superior to traditional aftermarket methods that apply pressure over multiple cavities.
  • Less resin required in friction formulation so pads are less susceptible to heat fade
  • Friction compressibility remains consistent to ensure quiet operation
  • Significant reduction in harmful brake dust
  • Promotes longer pad life
Prior to Pressing Brake Pads
Positive Mold Press Process


All of Mighty’s new System XL and TecSelect brake pads also benefit greatly from a process called scorching. During the scorching process, the surface of the brake pad friction material is super-heated in an oven. This process simulates the heat generation created during the previously required “break-in” process after installation on the vehicle. Scorching removes impurities from the friction material, reduces the initial break-in process, and improves initial pad “bite,” increasing effective stopping power from the very first stop.

Noise Elimination Technology® 

In addition to the above great features that characterize all Mighty brake pads, Mighty System XL brake pads also feature Noise Elimination Technology or NET® for even quieter braking performance. NET utilizes a combination of key construction features designed to combat Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH). NET pad development begins with the highest grade ceramic or non-ceramic raw materials, for consistent quality and performance, and follows strict OE configurations to ensure proper fit and function. They deliver optimum performance by using multiple chamfer designs, heat-dissipating slots and OE designed noise reducing shims.
Click here or ask your local Mighty Rep about Mighty’s improved brake program.

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