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Why Do Customers Delay Essential Routine Maintenance?
By: Mighty Auto Parts | Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 8:44 pm in Preventive Maintenance, Tech Tips

Why Do Customers Delay Essential Routine Maintenance?

According to a study by IMR Inc., one in ten vehicle owners delay routine maintenance for one reason or another. Most people deal with procrastination in their daily lives, but delaying routine maintenance can mean losing tens of thousands of miles from your car’s lifetime and be a severe safety risk.

Mighty Auto Parts sees “Partners to the Automotive Professional” as more than a slogan. As an auto part provider to auto technicians in more than 25,000 repair facilities across the country, they want to remind you of the importance of routine maintenance.

It’s widely known that all vehicles need to be taken in for service regularly. From oil, tires, brakes, and beyond, each of these components requires careful examination by a professional. While checkups with your technician are commonly straightforward and many times inexpensive, many drivers refuse to make the time.

Recent studies indicate that 8% or more of vehicle owners delay maintenance of some kind. But why?

  • 33% said they can’t make time
  • 30.3% said it was too costly
  • About 15% were certain maintenance didn’t affect how a car drives
  • Millennials were more likely (9.1% to 7.6%) to avoid service
  • Used car owners were also more likely to delay, and at a similar margin of 9.6% to 6%

Many of these drivers skipping out on maintenance must be unaware of the potential cost of doing so. A quick $40, or less, service visit can avoid issues that could cost up to 2,000% more down the line and can help show you how. Imagine the savings of getting 50,000+ miles more out of your car before buying again. Maximize the effectiveness of your service by following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Annually, Americans see damages from accidents caused by delayed services, topping more than $2 billion. Not to mention the severe safety risk that ignoring worn-down brakes and shocks can be. The cost of procrastination isn’t just monetary.

Reports show that there are more than 250 million cars on American roads. If 8% of owners neglect regular maintenance, that adds up to more than 20 million cars at higher risk for accidents, failures, and more. The inconvenience of an appointment with your auto technician is well worth avoiding the massive headache and financial strain of a serious vehicle malfunction. The first step to ensuring we are all safe drivers is education. Mighty Auto Parts understands how empowering knowledge about your vehicle’s maintenance can be. What you may be unaware of today could cost you thousands down the road.

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