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Oil System

VS7 Performance Oil System Chemistry is designed with today’s engine technology in mind. Engine technology continues to lean towards smaller displacement and high output creating the need for zero weight lubricants. VS7 Chemistry is designed to clean and enhance engines and lubricants to the highest levels.

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Oil System Cleaner

Mighty VS7® • Oil System Cleaner

Part Number: OL105

Mighty VS7 Oil System Cleaner is a petroleum-based formula which safely dissolves sludge deposits, removes corrosion, gums and varnish from the crankcase and allows them to be removed with the oil filter or when the oil is drained. It promotes smoother performance and longer engine life. This product does not thin the oil or cause leaks.

Benefits: As oil decomposes from heat and stress, it collects within the oil pan, producing thick, potentially damaging sludge. If it is not removed, this sludge can block oil screens and flow-tubes within the engine lubrication system. Mighty VS7 Oil System Cleaner removes these harmful deposits quickly and easily, restoring lost performance.

  • Does not contain oil-thinning kerosene or mineral spirits
  • Works within three minutes of application to the crankcase

Sizes: 15 oz.

Engine Shield

Mighty VS7® • Engine Shield

Part Number: OL150

Mighty VS7® Engine ShieldTM with advanced CERMILON technology is specially formulated to provide unsurpassed extreme protection of vital engine parts and components above and beyond Synthetic, SYN-Blend and Conventional engine oils.

Benefits: This oil additive helps protect against and reduces the long-term damaging effects caused by dry starts, metal to metal friction and high temperature operation. Treats metal surfaces creating a fluro-ceramic shield providing for extreme friction reduction, engine protection and displacement of heat.

  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Improves and stabilizes oil pressure
  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Reduces thermal breakdown of engine oil

Sizes: 16 oz.

Part Number: OL102

Mighty VS7® • Engine Guard with PTFE

Sizes: 16 oz.

Part Number: OL103

Mighty VS7® • Engine Oil Supplement

Sizes: 15 oz.

Part Number: OL104

Mighty VS7® • Semi-Synthetic Oil Supplement (SSOS)

Sizes: 15 oz.

Part Number: OL106

Mighty VS7® • Complete Oil System Flush

Sizes: 1 gal.

Part Number: OL107

Mighty VS7® • High Mileage Oil Treatment

Sizes: 15 oz.

Part Number: OL113

Mighty VS7® • Oil Stabilizer

Sizes: 32 oz.

Mighty Oil System Chemicals in Action

See how a Mighty chemical setup could look in your lobby or backroom!