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VS7 Protection Claim

In the event of a claim, you must contact the Claims Administrator at 1-800-829-3900 Monday through Friday, between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm eastern time, before any repairs are made. Repairs not authorized by Mighty will not be paid.

You must provide the program administrator with evidence that all the required services were performed within the mileage intervals outlined herein. A grace period of 500 miles will be extended in order to stay in compliance with service interval requirements, including the initial service. Use of any products other than Mighty VS7 branded and/or approved products listed herein will void this Program.

Payment of claims is limited to the labor hours necessary to make repairs or to replace any irreparably damaged parts as specified by Motor or Mitchell Flat Rate Guide or other recognized industry guide, multiplied by the repair shop’s normal hourly rate, and the reasonable cost of the parts replaced of the kind and quality determined by the Program Administrator. Qualified repair expenses do not include rental vehicle expenses, towing, shop supplies and other similar expenses.

You must provide Mighty with a complete statement of damages and repair costs, and if requested, the damaged part, a sample of the fluid involved with the damaged part(s), and copies of all repair orders showing installation of the Mighty VS7 products involved with the damaged parts, and demonstrating compliance with the terms and conditions outlined herein. After the claim has been approved in writing, repairs must be made by the original Mighty VS7 authorized retailer or any other authorized Mighty VS7 retailer. Mighty reserves the right to verify the validity of claims through independent analysis.